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Updated booking pages: better for you, better for bookers

Booking pages

If you're a long time user of's Free account, you may have spotted a change to your booking page.

Our latest theme was developed to improve performance and be more accessible. It has the added bonus of looking fabulous on a phone!

Customers who use it are delighted with the performance - we've seen a 20% increase in bookings on the new experience compared to the old themes.

We want to make sure everyone benefits from those results, so we've moved all Free Account booking pages across to the new theme. You can find out more about why it's different here.

Smarter searching for teams

Team Management Teams

We’ve heard from large organizations that managing and creating pages for a lot of team members can be unwieldy.

So we’ve made some changes that are all about saving Account Owners time.

First, we’ve made it easier for Account Owners to search and filter team members.

You can search using their email, role or status.

  • Want to assign new booking pages to a specific person? Jump directly to them by searching for their email.
  • Looking to change the team roles of your colleagues? Filter by role to narrow down the list.
  • Need to nudge team members that haven't joined the team yet? Filter by status.

We've also added one-click references on how to set up your team, and the different roles available, on the Team Management page.

Cleaner creation of booking pages

Booking Page

Have you ever worried about forgetting to update a field when you create a new booking page? We’ve added smart booking page creation options that help get team booking pages set up faster.

When you create a new booking page, you’ll be asked to choose who the booking page is for.

When it’s created, all the fields - including the linked calendar and the ‘from’ email addresses - will automatically update to be for that person. Select for a team, and we’ll add in shorthand codes so each team member is reflected correctly whenever they are booked.

Google meet now available!

Integrations Warnings Bookings

What's new?

You can now host virtual meetings using Google Meet!

With Google Meet chosen as the event location, we'll automatically create a unique link for you and your customer to meet virtually.

All you need is to be creating events on a Google calendar and have Google Meet chosen as the event location.

You can also create unique links for team member bookings if all team members use a Google calendar.

Find out more about generating unique Google Meet links for bookings

What's changed?

One change this month is to participants' status on calendar event invitations. Bookers were being listed as "optional" on calendar event invitations which occasionally caused confusion. We've now updated this so bookers don't show as "optional".

We also upgraded our protection against bots by rolling out the latest version of Google captcha. This means you can be confident that new bookings or changes to existing ones are made by real people!

Improved communication and enhanced security of booking notifications

Booking Pages Notifications Warnings

What's new?

We've improved how we communicate with you via email about what's happening on your account.

If there are any warnings on your account, we'll bundle the information together and send it in one email.

This means we can keep you more up-to-date about your account, without ever spamming your inbox!

What's changed?

From July 1st, all emails used to send booking notifications must be verified. This security measure will prevent anyone from sending notifications from email addresses they don't own.

For accounts created before November 18th, 2020, they'll see prompts to verify their emails right now. This means there's the opportunity to verify before the switch on July 1st.

Find out more about verifying your sending email address

You may also notice a prompt to switch to the new booking experience if not all your booking pages are using it already.

Over the next few months, we'll be switching all accounts over to this new experience.

Find out more about what's changing and how to make the switch

Editor role and extra account security

Teams Notifications

What's new?

The Editor role is now ready for you to use!

After someone's joined a Team, they can be assigned the Editor Role and given access to select booking pages. This means you can have your whole organization on one account and have full control over who can access what.

Find out more about Team Management and account roles.

Another important change was the release of two factor authentication, meaning you can add an extra layer of protection to your account. Once set up, you'll log in normally and then be prompted for a security code generated by your authentication app.

Find out how to enable two factor authentication.

What's changed?

All our emails now use unified styles. Their updated styling means they're more legible, look great, and all communication from us to you, or you to your bookers look consistent across the board.

What's fixed?

Some account warnings had a missing icon for a short time but we swiftly managed to get it back to showing the correct icon.

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