Manage scheduling for your entire team

Display your team's pooled availability, or allow your customers to choose a specific team member. Each team member retains complete control over when they are available and bookings go straight into their calendar.

Give customers more choice with teams

Eliminate timezone confusion

Have a customer in Boston who needs to speak with your team member in Sydney? No problem - your booking page and confirmation emails will show them the availability in their time zone, eliminating any confusion.

Detect your customers time zone

Your International team is covered

Whether your team members are in San Francisco, London, Brisbane, Tokyo, your booking page can pool all of their availability into one booking grid.

Pool your teams availability

Each team member controls their availability

Each team member has total control over when they are available for meetings. Restrict bookings to specific days/hours and no more worrying about double bookings with checking for busy events before making a time available. checks each team members calendar

Great for meeting rooms and other resources

Use our teams feature to book office meeting rooms, devices and other resources. Combine with our units per slot functionality to manage device availability.

Manage meeting rooms and resources

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