Manage your scheduling more effectively by integrating with additional services such as Zapier, Stripe and Gmail. You can also connect with additional calendar accounts to help manage your bookings, avoid double bookings and reduce no-shows.

Integrate with Google, Microsoft, Zapier and Stripe

Automate your workflow with Zapier

Zapier makes it super easy to automate actions such as updating your CRM or email mailing list, leaving you time to focus on your scheduling. Take a look at the list of services that link to Zapier to get an idea of how you can have your bookings trigger a huge range of automatic activities.

Use stripe to take payments for your bookings

Integrate with your Stripe account and easily take payments for any services you offer. Once you have integrated with Stripe, a secure payment form is automatically added to your booking form, meaning payment is taken even before a booking is made.

Take payments with Stripe

Integrate with the calendars you already use (Google and Microsoft)

By integrating with the online calendar you already use, you don't need to worry about managing a separate calendar tool. If you manage things through Google or Microsoft they take care of your calendar, and builds on top, taking care of your scheduling. works with Google, iCloud and Microsoft calendars

Social sharing of your booking page

Let people know that they can book you online. Choose the platforms that you use the most - the more places your booking link appears, the more places people can find to book you online. Or share your booking page in an email, as a link or via QR code.

Share your booking page on social media

Send notification emails via Gmail

Improve delivery rates and increase visibility of booking notifications sent to your customers by sending via your Gmail account.

Use your own Gmail accont to send your notifications

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