Manage your booking flow

Take control of your booking flow with appointment types, payments, tentative bookings and password protection on your booking page.

Display your availability in our simple booking grids

Appointment types

You don't always get booked for the same reason. Use appointment types to present your clients with a choice so they can book what they want.

Clients can choose different appointment types

Set prices and take payments for your bookings

Integrate with your Stripe account and easily take payments for any services you offer. Once you have integrated with Stripe, a secure payment form is automatically added to your booking form, requiring payment before a booking can be made. Tell us how much your rate is, or how much each of your appointment types are. We'll calculate the rest!

Take payments with Stripe

Tentative bookings

Get even more control over your schedule with tentative bookings. Customers can request a time slot that suits them and you can approve the slot to confirm the booking.

Accept and reject bookings with our tentative feature

Password protect your booking page

Require a password from your customers before they can view your availability and book an appointment.

Password protect your booking page to limit access

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