How university advisors made “Nightmare” bookings a dream with an appointment scheduling app

What could you do with an extra 5 hours a week? For every team member?

Kate Reynier

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Portland State University's advising team uses the time they gain back from scheduling meetings online to deliver a consistently excellent student experience.

6,600+ bookings per month 5 hours saved per week, per team member 99.98% of appointments made online

Find out how they do it!

Portland State University is rightly proud of its history as an institution that caters for non-traditional students. About 40% of the student population is older, in full time employment, or a full-time career. 25% have children.

Online booking to improve student experience

Just as with any business, the people who need to book a meeting with the university's Advising team have other things to do!

Could Portland State provide an appointment scheduling option that fits into busy lives, while also creating a positive student experience?

Danny Ryel works in PSU's Advising and Career Services Department. He says the team made a decision to lead with a student-first focus. Everything else flowed from there.

"The method before was people would call in, we would look over calendars and manually enter each event. The issue with that was it didn't give students a lot of agency to schedule in their own time. They had to schedule appointments during our business hours.

"We work with a huge non traditional student population. These are people who are working full time, taking care of children, parents or other family members. They can't just pop in, call, wait on hold and make an appointment over the phone.

" gave our students the agency to see our advisors' calendars. It's been a really useful equity tool."

But is it really freeing up an extra 5 hours per week, per team member? For Danny, that number boils down to 10 minutes saved per booking. delivers that - and a lot more!

Save time with an appointment scheduling app

"Having been one of the student employees who worked at the reception desk, took the phone call, tried to find a time that worked with the student, I know that it actually saves more than 10 minutes quite often."

"And that's just for each booking! On top of that, it also lets students reschedule within a timely manner, to cancel and let us know why they're cancelling."

"And it updates everything immediately so our students are getting continuous and correct information. They're getting a consistent response no matter what area of the division they're scheduling with. So really, I wonder if that 10 minutes isn't a bit small, just from my perspective."

Accept online bookings to reduce admin time for university advisors

Can an appointment scheduling app really deliver all that?

In this case study, you will learn:

  • How Portland State improved their student experience and gained back time for Advisors.
  • How the team reduced meeting no-shows and improved communication with students.
  • The 5 features that PSU's Advising team can't live without.
  • Danny's top tips for getting the best out of
Danny Ryel
"There are calendaring options that are already part of Student Information Systems but there are none that have the flexibility or customizability that has. We were able to integrate with our Student Information System and that was a huge factor in the decision to use it."
Danny Ryel Portland State University

Download the case study to find out how Portland State University is turning what was a "nightmare" booking experience into a "breath of fresh air" for all their students, using for their online appointment tool.

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