How a Global Recruitment Agency Boosted Bookings by 115% Using an Online Scheduling Tool

Adding online booking pages to different parts of their recruitment funnel was the secret sauce for Netherlands-based agency Randstad.

Kate Reynier

2 min read

Tactical A/B testing showed a huge improvement in candidate engagement and a measurable increase in bookings - ultimately leading to more hires. A hat trick of wins anyone would be proud of!

115% increase in candidate contact 50% uplift in bookings made 98% rise in recruitment

Find out what worked!

Before you can hire someone, you first have to speak with them. So connecting with potential job candidates and getting them to book a meeting is a critical first step.

Randstad is the largest recruitment agency in the world. One of their main brands, Tempo-Team, has thousands of candidates applying every month for the jobs listed on its website. But when it came time to contact those candidates, engagement dropped by almost a third.

The team needed to get more applicants engaged at an earlier stage in order to improve performance throughout the hiring funnel. And that's where came in!

Could an online scheduling tool be the solution?

In this case study, you will learn:

  • How Randstad used A/B testing to discover the best placement for its booking page links
  • Why giving both the recruitment teams and the candidates control over scheduling improved engagement
  • The features and automations that make Randstad's teams more productive
  • How an international, multilingual team is able to harness the power of for different use cases across multiple units.
Joost Gipman
"We did some experiments and there were some minor successes. But then came along and it helped us greatly with this problem."
Joost Gipman Senior Manager of E-commerce at Tempo-Team

Download the case study now and find out the strategies that Randstad used to improve its candidate engagement rate (and the number of people ultimately hired) by using for their online scheduling tool.

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