Hello, we are YouCanBook.me

We are a small, independent and fully remote team, who love solving scheduling problems all over the world.

Meet our super scheduling team

We've been happily scheduling time online ever since we launched our first app, WhenIsGood.net, in 2008. YouCanBook.me was born in 2011. Since then we've grown from a tiny tool with a handful of users to a service that tens of thousands of people trust to handle over a million bookings a month.

Even though the product has grown over the years, we're still a small and dedicated team who love solving scheduling problems all over the world. We're proud to remain a privately owned company - solvent, stable and a safe pair of hands.


Bridget is co-founder, and deals with YCBM people, business, legal, finance and strategy.

Bridget is on her third career - she started off in the television and film industry, then switched to politics, ended up being an advisor to the UK Deputy Prime Minister, then moved on in 2012 to take the helm at YCBM.

Favourite tea: Earl Grey Favourite cheese: Feta


Keith is co-founder, and the chief architect and engineer on YCBM

In a previous life, Keith has been everything from a television presenter to a science correspondent for Pears cyclopedia. But writing code is just the most enjoyable thing he's ever done.

Keith has opinions about pretty much everything to do with the Internet.

Favourite tea: Yorkshire Tea Favourite cheese: Red Leicester


Kate is a senior Customer Success and Account Manager for YouCanBook.me

We were lucky to snag Kate away from her previous career in media and communications and was our first employee at YCBM. She has helped build up our award winning and committed customer team - a true schedulista!

Favourite tea: English Breakfast Favourite cheese: Mont d'Or


Antonio is YouCanBook.me's Head of Infrastructure

As one our first engineering hires, Antonio has now used his application and infrastructure experience to help re-build YCBM's systems several times over. He now leads on all infrastructure and security processes.

He's firmly rooted in Sevilla — which, given the beauty and climate, we couldn't possible argue with.

Favourite tea: Café con leche Favourite cheese: Cured sheep cheese


Javi is a software engineer and works on all of YouCanBook.me's applications.

Javi lives in Barcelona, Spain. As well as developing client-side code for us, he is an expert in Spanish guitar, backpacking and open source javascript libraries. Sometimes all at the same time.

Favourite tea: Sauternes Favourite cheese: Parmigiano


Jonathan is our Head of Product and Chief of Staff at YouCanBook.me

Jonathan has helped build up and craft our tool through several re-designs and product development and now heads up our UX and product team to carry on that work at a strategic level.

Jonathan lives in the UK and outside of YouCanBook.me you'll usually find him on a tennis court, when the weather permits!

Favourite tea: Yorkshire Tea Favourite cheese: Roquefort


Anna heads up our Customer Success and Onboarding team.

As a veteran of the bootstrapping and SaaS world, Anna is a regular public speaker on topics such as customer experience, lead conversions and building scalable solutions.

Favourite tea: Pu'er Favourite cheese: Goats Cheese


Darren is our front end and UI developer who ties up all the design we need into beautiful HTML and CSS.

Darren appears to have no end to his skills, but we knew he was really part of the team when he brought his own tea bags to our last away day.

Favourite tea: Lapsang Souchong Favourite cheese: Blue Stilton


Tiffany helps our users with any questions they have about the way the product works.

Tiffany is a veteran of remote working for SaaS start ups. Although she hails from Michigan, she's done her fair share of travel, including running a cupcake business in France. With key skills like that we had to hire her.

Favourite tea: English Breakfast Favourite cheese: Petit Basque


Ben lives to solve problems and helps our users with any questions they have.

Ben has a wealth of experience working in all things start-ups, web design and development. He loves innovation and helping our customers get the most out of our software. He lives in Minneapolis and promises us he really doesn't mind the weather.

Favourite tea: Green Favourite cheese: Smoked Gouda


Kayleigh is our Designer.

Kayleigh works in the design team on everything about our user interactions and experience. Having just completed her degree in design, she was an obvious choice to join our team, not least as she is also a tabletop gamer. As far as we can tell, Kayleigh lives in the middle of nowhere in Scotland, which makes her perfect for remote work.

Favourite tea: Earl Grey Favourite cheese: Camembert


Rob is our Senior Designer.

Since Rob lives in our hometown of Bedford, we already approve of his choices. After working with many clients via agencies, he's now responsible for the design of our product, focusing on creating a truly first class experience for our users. Ask him to play the piano.

Favourite tea: Coffee Favourite cheese: Mozzarella


Estefanía is our QA Engineer and works on testing all of YouCanBook.me's applications.

Estefanía hails from Córdoba, calls Sevilla home, but Málaga is her place for holidays, every year. She's a regular speaker in the world of QA and testing and has joined our tiny team to do great things to keep our systems rolling out smoothly.

Favourite tea: Café con leche Favourite cheese: Feta


Sean helps our users with any questions they have about our product and service.

Sean is from Ireland, having recently swapped living in Barcelona , Spain to moving to the UK. This all makes for interesting conversations, when Sean can't remember which country he's in. Luckily though he's a committed and experienced customer advocate wherever he lives.

Favourite tea: English Breakfast Favourite cheese: Roquefort
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